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A web-based application, DoctorStats™ allows you to submit your studies for a timely, affordable & accurate analysis.

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With an experience of 7 years in Clinical Data Analysis, we have completed more than 300 projects so far, ranging from a small study of 10 data points to a large analysis involving 200+ data points. Be it a case series assessment or a case control one, an observational study or an interventional one, we are experienced to handle your data.

Frequency Distribution

Class based distribution of demographic data in your sample set provides a unique insight into the variation of data points.

Hypothesis Testing

Affirm the power of your intervention by testing the significance of your hypothesis against statistical standards.

Correlation Analysis

Check wether your variable of interest correlates to the change in clinical parameters as a result of your intervention.

Validated Reports

Get detailed verbose reports supported by tabulated statistical values and supporting graphs & charts that validate your hypothesis.


In the past 7 years, we have been working with clinicians, individual researchers, medical universities & colleges and premier research institutes in India and around the globe! Some of our long-term clients across the globe are highlighted below.


The best testimonial a client can offer is to hire us again! And at Kovid BioAnalytics, Team DoctorStats has seen a huge number of repeat customers. This is the most important form of appreciation for us!

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Analyzing clinical data is as easy as using a social media app now. Simply sign-up to 'DoctorStats' and submit a project with relevant details. It's easy, it's affordable and it's value for money!

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DoctorStats believes in saving client's time in manual communication and intervention by making analytics an automated service. As a result, you can avail our service from anywhere in the world. But, if you are in Pune and in our vicinity, we would love to host you at our office and show you how we work! Do drop by for a 'Chai Pe Charcha'!


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